Rakesh Pande

Rakesh Pande is a highly experienced Railway Signalling & Telecom Consulting Engineer with more than 36+ years of experience in Construction, Design & Development, Maintenance and Engineering Management of railway projects. He has experience in ERTMS/ETCS systems, worked on ETCS projects in the UK & Italy and on metro projects. He also has experience with CBTC Systems having worked on London Underground and Kochi Metro projects.

 He was with the Indian Railway Services (IRS) for more than 17 years before he came to the UK to work on the UK Railways. Pande worked in various capacities for the Indian Railways. During his tenure in Indian Railways, he was instrumental in the design, development and approval of indigenous Solid State Interlocking. He also installed and commissioned a data logger for signalling installations for the first time on Indian Railways when he was in charge of maintenance of S&T assets in the Kota Division of the Western Railway.

He has been working in the UK Railways since 2001 and has worked on a number of major projects including the TCS project, Waterloo Station Redevelopment, Bletchley Remodelling, etc.

 He obtained the Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communications in 1981 from IIT-Roorkee (then University of Roorkee) and the Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science in 1982 from IIT-Roorkee.

Rakesh Pande is a Chartered Engineer from Engineering Council, UK; Member of Institution of Railway Signal Engineers, UK (www.irse.org) and Institution of Engineering and Technology, UK (www.iet.org).

Email Id: [email protected]